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GK Aurum is a highly intuitive and a clairvoyant HayHouse Certified Master Angel Oracle and Tarot Card reader. She is a world renowned blogger and her Facebook page Angels Aurum “https://www.facebook.com/pg/DIVINEfountainhead”, which has + 5.7K worldwide followers, reflects her beautiful connection with Angels. Also being a Reiki master, Crystal healer, Hypnotherapist and Numerologist; she enjoys in bringing love and light, empowerment and encouragement to others through her card readings, creative writings and her spiritual work. Her spiritual quest began 11years ago when she started reflecting on her life purpose.

She works closely with Angels, who guide and inspire her in her spiritual work and help her in enhancing her psychic abilities and vibration levels.

She enjoys sharing her spiritual gifts with others and helping them connect with the higher consciousness; so as to discover and fulfil one’s desires and dreams; eventually one’s life purpose…

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Angels Aurum 02-06-2020

CARD 1( LEFT) QUEEN OF EARTH This card shows that you are in a time of manifestation. Remember to enjoy time with other people. You are a warm, intelligent, sensible person and you have much to give whether to family, friends or those less fortunate. You are so down to earth yet love enjoying beautiful and luxurious things.  Handle any challenges with understanding and warmth but also with confidence and resourcefulness. For few this card can mean Prosperity, Sensible approach, Green thumb, Sensuality.  CARD 2... Read More


Card reading is a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their lives, to receive insights into relationships, careers, life purpose and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind, confidence in their decisions and move one from the place of fear and worry to a place of joy and happiness.
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If you are curious to know more about Angel Oracle cards and Tarot cards, participate in my regular “Art of Card Reading” courses through both, Class room (in-person) course as well as Distance Learning Programme.

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The objective of crystal healing is realignment of your energy frequencies and removal of energy blocks from your energy field; thus unblocking prosperity & abundance.
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