Other Courses

Crystal Healing Course

  • CODE: CHC01

This course is a comprehensive and easy to follow and   ideal for all skill levels. It helps you learn how to heal yourself and others. Learn what crystals are and   how the crystals assist you with healings. You also get knowledge on what basics of Chakras are , their associated crystals, crystal layouts and placements. Why and how to cleanse crystals and how to use them with other healing modalities.

Reiki Course (Level- I to Level-III; Master)

Reiki is a thousands of year old hands-on healing art which was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui’; a  Japanese Buddhist. REIKI-which means Universal Life Force Energy  has been adapted as alternate method of healing across the globe  .It helps in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healings and in balancing the body, mind and soul. In these courses ,you will be given Reiki  Attunements, which shall stay with you for the rest of your life. It is a powerful spiritual experience increasing your psychic sensitivity as well as activation and balancing of all energy centres. With this  course, you become capable of treating yourself, your family members, clients, pets also can associate along with other healing modalities like crystal healing, dowsing and more. Anyone can learn Reiki and the practioner’s energy is never depleted as it he/she is the channelling the universal life force energy.

Course Code Course Description Total Duration Timings Price Includes supply of … Book Now
REC01 Reiki Course (Level- I) 2 days 2 hrs daily Mutually decided Study and practice course material and Attunements. Book Now
REC02 Reiki Course (Level- II) 2 days 2 hrs daily Mutually decided Study and practice course material and Attunements. Book Now
REC03 Reiki Course (Level- III; Master) 2 days 2 hrs daily Mutually decided Study and practice course material and Attunements. Book Now

Meditation Course (Classroom / Online)

  • CODE: MDC01

This Meditation course encourages one to be more aware of the ‘Now’ instead of dwelling in the past. This course comprises of 5 meditations created to help you breathe to awareness, for alignment of mind, body and soul, for chakra balancing, charging and getting in touch with your higher self, boosting confidence, self esteem, reduce stress and increase the quotient of happiness in your life.

Wellness & Lifestyle Program (Mind - Body - Soul)


This comprehensive wellness program is a personal journey and very enjoyable and insightful at the same time.This program brings the needed change and growth in one’s life. There are certain set of activities, affirmations and inspiring work in this program that helps one bring richness and fullness in life while acknowledging the process of letting go and law of tithing. By the end of this program you are able to see how we all are part of the harmonious whole- the magic of interconnectedness!

The major area of activities under this program will be;

  • # Loving Yourself – Mirror Work
  • # Clutter Clearing Course

Hypnotherapy Session

  • CODE: HTS01

A hypnotherapy session brings  positive changes in you and has therapeutic effect on your thinking patterns and  lifestyle. It  heals you  by guiding  your sub-conscious mind and  assessing & removing  the mental blocks you are facing. A hypnotherapy session can help  in  relieving you from  anxiety, issues involving self love, self  esteem, self confidence, concentration, stress issues, weight issues, relationship issues or facing mental blocks in your life to achieve your goals, dreams or life purpose.

Dowsing Course

  • CODE: DC01

This foundation course brings forth the ancient knowledge and art of dowsing to you. You can use pendulum dowsing to get answers, locate treasure or   to expand your intuition or fine tune your psychic abilities.  In this course, you learn how dowsing works, its various tools in practice, how to use Pendulum dowser properly, how to clean, charge and program your dowsing pendulum for optimum accuracy. You are guided how to establish communication with your dowser (pendulum), how to eliminate energetic interferences by storing it properly.