Wellness & Lifestyle Program (Mind – Body – Soul) : Online / Offline


This comprehensive wellness program is a personal journey and very enjoyable and insightful at the same time. This program brings the needed change and growth in one’s life. There are certain set of activities, affirmations and inspiring work in this program that helps one bring richness and fullness in life while acknowledging the process of letting go and law of tithing. By the end of this program you are able to see how we all are part of the harmonious whole- the magic of interconnectedness!

The major area of activities under this program will be;

  • #  Loving Yourself – Mirror Work
  • #  Clutter Clearing Course
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This program includes Mirror Work-loving yourself and Clutter Clearing course. One session includes 45 mins of discussion. This course can be taken both Online as well as Offline. Charges for this service are non-refundable.