Comprehensive Course (Angel + Tarot)


In this enlightening course, you get the unique opportunity to learn about two different divination tools: Oracle as well as Tarot, while assessing both for their wonderful knowledge and discipline and how they are different. At the same time, it gives   you in-depth readings, covering many more aspects of the situation / question of the querent, hence making it more accurate and informative. Guess what best can come of, when you explore your answers with the help of two divination tools, it brings precision while taking the load-off of intuitive heavy lifting and making your work easier!.

This comprehensive course helps you connect with your angels, to receive and interpret their divine messages which can be miraculously blessed, sacred and at the same time uplifting for guidance & support in all areas of your life. You learn about angels, archangels and their beautiful realm and create a deeper connection with them, also learn various spreads in this course. Coupled with; you will be learning  in depth about the large system of tarot involving the meaning of 78 cards representing the past, present ,future situations in a person’s life. You learn the difference between major arcana, & minor arcane, how each card could have a completely different meaning in context to focus of the reading, various spreads giving you great insights of how to find answer to a question.

Through this course, you will learn everything you need to know to give yourself, family and friends a great card reading!

You can pursue it at professional/spiritual level as well as for personal growth and enjoyment.

DURATION: 18 hrs


This course includes 01 Card deck of each, study course material of both and 02 crystal angels.  Timings for the sessions shall be discussed & decided through e-mail on mutual convenience, once order is booked. Charges for this service are non-refundable.