Moonstone Bracelet



It carries the energy of the new moon at the height of its power, stimulating psychic perception, vision and dream work, Activating the kundalini energy in women and emotional balance in men, and is supportive in children to drive away nightmares or insomnia.

Protection for travellers; keep one in the glove compartment for safe night driving and as protection against road rage, A gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom, It is an excellent crystal for first or new love, It calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life.

.It powerfully affects the female reproductive system, enhancing fertility and promoting ease in pregnancy and childbirth, alleviates menstrual problems and change-of-life, balances the hormonal system and eliminates fluid retention,

It is the perfect antidote for the excessively macho man or overly aggressive female.

It is also ideal for past-life regression.

Moonstones have an association with the Crown Chakra and cleanses negative energy of all chakras.


For the right results and optimum benefits; this product shall be specially “Energized and Blessed” by GK Aurum and can also be “Customised /Programmed” through Invocations / Mantras / Shalokas for your specific “need / purpose”; if any.

So, please do write your specific wish /need, if any, in the purchase form (at the check-out).

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01 quantity of the product means one piece of Moonstone Bracelet, 08 mm beads size.

The supplied product may differ in appearance from the product photograph shown in the website, as Crystals are natural products.