Labradorite Angel With Blue Flash



Crystal of magic; protect from negativity and prevent any energy leaks, Protect aura , Boost spiritual gifts, Enhance psychic abilities, Possess excellent healing properties, Increase communication abilities, Enhance both telepathic and prophetic gifts, Charges with a sense of excitement and adventure, and open new avenues.

Activates and balances Crown Chakra.


For the right results and optimum benefits; this product shall be specially “Energized and Blessed” by GK Aurum and can also be “Customised / Programmed” for your specific “need / purpose” through Invocations / Mantras / Shalokas, if any.

So, please do write your specific wish /need, if any, in the Order Notes (at the check-out).

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01 quantity of the product means one piece of blue flash Labradorite Angel.