Angels Aurum 09-12-2019

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Angels Aurum 09-12-2019

Hi Beautiful Souls!

This lovely card from #Angel #Therapy Oracle deck brings the message that connection with the #crystals of #mineral kingdom will be highly beneficial for you.

Crystals are powerful for emitting, transmuting and magnifying energies. They absorb toxic energies and help to uplift and protect the very #aura of a person or place, e.g., clear quartz enhances your #clarity, black obsidian is an great #protection stone , rose quartz opens your heart to #love and emotional healings whereas purple amethyst raises your spiritual vibrations. Your #Angels are asking you to work with crystal energy as you feel guided.

Go to a crystal store and choose the crystal you are attracted to or you can visit my crystal shop on my website and choose intuitively.

For few this card means either you yourself are a very sensitive, gentle, nature lover or soft-spoken person or you are parenting/working with one.

Love, Light and #Namaste!

#Angel Blessings😇😇


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