Angels Aurum 19-11-2019

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Angels Aurum 19-11-2019

Hi Beautiful Souls!

This lovely card from #Angel #Therapy Oracle deck brings the message that it’s vital for you to shield yourself energetically and stay protected from the emotional downpour that you are facing at the moment.

You are highly #sensitive person (empath) and inadvertently absorb other people’s energies making you more tired, unfocused, frazzled or upset.

Call upon AA Michael (whose name means he who looks like #God) to surround your entire body in a bubble of protective light and guard you against lower/ toxic / negative energies.

This shield will protect you and  your thoughts and ideas from other people’s harsh / competing / arguing words.

Crystal: Sugilite & Color: Deep Bluish Purple will help you feel the fiery energy of AA Michael. 

Love, Light and #Namaste!

#Angel Blessings😇😇


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