Angels Aurum 15-11-2019

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Angels Aurum 15-11-2019

Hi Beautiful Souls!

This lovely card from #Angel #Tarot deck brings the message to spend some time to review your plans and look at things from a new #perspective. AA Gabriel, who is also known for being #Angel of messages, is blowing the trumpet blast of #epiphany.

If you are facing things to be standstill, then it’s a temporary phase. It is also time to rethink your strategies / check a different approach / have #patience/ be generous with your time and attention / think out of the box / embrace your #uniqueness / let go of any need to “fit in”.

For few this card means epiphanies / Selflessness/ unexpected life changes / unusual solutions.

Love, Light and #Namaste!

#Angel Blessings😇😇


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