Angels Aurum 14-11-2019

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Angels Aurum 14-11-2019

Hi Beautiful Souls!

This lovely card from #Archangel Oracle deck brings the message that you need to look past the surface of the situation and see the underlying truth: that everyone involved is God’s creation filled with His loving light.

When you try focusing upon this truth, you become more open to loving solutions and behaviour and will be able to find peace. AA Chamuel (Archangel of personal and global peace) is helping you find more #peace, calm and to be centred and understand that love is the only power that exists, which shines away any darkness. #Trust that a higher wisdom is in charge.

Color: Pale Green Crystal: Fluorite help you feel the energy of AA Chamuel.

Love, Light and #Namaste!

#Angel Blessings😇😇


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