Angels Aurum 12-11-2019

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Angels Aurum 12-11-2019

Hi Beautiful Souls!

#Full Moon Blessings to All!

This lovely card from #Archangel Oracle deck brings the message that it’s time to slow down, feel #gratitude and enjoy the process of realising your dreams.

Just like each process of a plant life cycle, brings joy to the one who seeded it, in the same way you can enjoy as each step brings your #manifestation into tangible form. AA Jophiel( whose name means Beauty of #God) helps you appreciate life’s every day #miracles and experience more grace and peace in our lives, all you need to do is slow down and notice the beauty of life and all that is.

Color: Dark Pink  & Crystal: Pink Tourmaline or Rubellite helps you feel the beautiful energy of AA Jophiel.

Love, Light and #Namaste!

#Angel Blessings😇😇


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