Crystals: The Gift of Mother Gaia

The main and basic premise and core behind crystal healing is balancing the vibrational divine life force energy. Everything around and inside us is made of energy. Even our organs, thoughts, chakras, feelings and emotions are nothing but energy. Well-being is a state when these energies are balanced whereas when these energies go out of balance, a not-so-good state of being is created resulting in distress in the form of stress, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and emotions, self-limiting behaviours and even physical ailments and diseases.

When crystals are “Energized and Programmed” for specific purposes and uses, they become power tool to heal all kinds of issues and problems in life.

Crystals act by balancing the energy body and removing energy blocks. Crystal healing helps in healing all kinds of issues and problems in life like chronic pains and illnesses, trauma, stress, anxiety, tension, depression and more. It also helps in healing various emotional and psycho-spiritual issues.

Crystals have a clear and specific vibration. Crystals can help you tune in to your positive energies while re-calibrating your negative vibrations and energies. Crystals are, in fact, known to vibrate at the same frequency as humans.

Crystal healing involves placing of crystals on different parts of your body / or by wearing or placing even in your homes and dwellings.

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